Why Brazil?

Some less obvious reasons for why I find myself here, in the Amazon, of all places, and what possible role I may be able to play. By: Matthew Pike (United Kingdom), YIP I would like to welcome you into my thoughts and walk you through some less obvious reasons for why I find myself here, […]

Internet communities organise to take on global economic crisis

Suppose the internet existed in 1929. How might the Great Depression have been different? The Internet is a tool of global communication. If it had been available in the 1930s, the downturn and subsequent restructuring that became the Great Depression could have occurred faster and more efficiently, yielding less suffering. Eighty years later, we are […]

Entrepreneur’s Story: Wellnessecity

Amena Lee Schlaikjer has been involved in new enterprises in China for some time, previously describing herself as an “entrepreneurialist” as she’s always launched businesses for others. But she’s just launched her own initiative, Wellnessecity, a Shanghai-based operation aiming to create ways to live healthier in cities. She spoke to ‘eg’ about conceiving and developing […]

The life of a Nobel Peace Prize winner

Liu Xiaobo, who recently won the Nobel Peace Prize, was born in December 1955, is a Chinese literary critic, professor, and human rights activist who called for democratic reforms and the end of one-party rule in China.He is currently serving as a political prisoner in China. He has served as President of the Independent Chinese […]