Let’s Get On With It

The millennials, the people born between 1980 and 2001, got Barack Obama elected. They turned out in record numbers, and they registered untold numbers of other voters. They grew up with computers, cell phones, and the Internet. They experienced 9/11 together. They have met the dire doomsday warnings of Al Gore and others not with […]

To Reach the Clouds

‘One year after the nightmares of September 11, how good to remember that morning in 1974 when a young man gave New York a gift of astonishing, indelible beauty. How good that he has sat down now to give us this lively and often heart-stopping account of how he achieved his masterpiece’. Paul Auster He […]

At Home

Hello – is anybody home? What does it mean to feel “at home” in this world? I often feel at home when I can laugh with a friend Ð where openness, trust and mutual revelation are like comfortable furniture. Slumber offers a similar experience. But when not asleep, where on Earth am I most at […]

Vegetable Tour Guide

By Elizabeth Alington It’s full-on for Andrew Seager most of the year. From dawn to dusk last Spring, he was busy preparing raised beds, spreading compost, goading the tractor into doing the hard-yard and sowing beans, carrots, radish, basil, and zucchini.  Somewhere along the way he managed to transplant Autumn’s fare of kohlrabi, broccoli and […]