Are you being left behind?

With an ever challenging Corporate Environment business leaders would agree there is a need to take a renewed view of how to best maximise the output from the employees they have. Organisations are challenged to attract, retain, engage and enhance productivity from scarce resources. In addition to this already significant and consuming challenge, many corporations […]

Osama bin Laden is dead

 His body has been recovered by US authorities, US President Barack Obama has confirmed after a fire fight with US forces. Obama made the dramatic announcement in a hastily called, late-night appearance  at the White House. Obama said  the US had enough evidence last week to launch an operation against a compound where bin Laden […]

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life

Bestselling author Barbara Kingsolver returns with her first nonfiction narrative that will open your eyes in a hundred new ways to an old truth: You are what you eat. “As the U.S. population made an unprecedented mad dash for the Sun Belt, one carload of us paddled against the tide, heading for the Promised Land […]