Just how widespread is phone hacking?

  The issues surrounding phone hacking and the Murdoch Empire wont be cleared up overnight and will undoubtedly feed the appetites of world media organisations for years to come. I wonder though if hacking in media hasn’t happened before? Can you believe that the Murdoch clan is the only organisation to have done this? And […]

India’s unjust land grabbing from poor famers

India’s unjust land grabbing from poor famers

Dr Vandana Shiva The biggest companies buying the land were Korean Steel giant Posco Steel, French nuclear energy company, AREVA, and Indian land developer, Jaypee Infratech Ltd. TEAR Fund executive Steve Tollestrup said fertile land was being taken from poor tribal farmers across several regions of India, including rural areas where TEAR Fund partners were […]

Struggle For Freedom: Aung San Suu Kyi – A Biography

Book Review By Bengtsson, Jesper Aung Sun Suu Kyi was confined to house arrest in 1989 by the junta in Burma and since then she has been cut off from the world outside. Few people have seen or spoken to her during this time, yet despite her isolation and forced reticence, Suu Kyi – leader […]