Energy from biomass without damaging food production

  As much as one fifth of the world’s energy could be provided by biomass materials without reducing farming land space used for growing food, according to the latest comprehensive scientific report. Biomass is biological material obtained from living or recently living organisms that can be processed into electricity, fuel and heat. Biomass for energy […]

Inside the creative world of Robert Welch

Inside the creative world of Robert Welch

For more than 50 years, within a few modest rooms in an 18th-century silk mill, a small team of people has created 3,418 new products, leading to sales of more than 46 million items around the world. It is said that appearances can be deceptive and nowhere is this truer than at Chipping Campden, a […]

Pilgrims journey

Pilgrims journey

Pilgrims Journey on the Great Mountain with Significance for Man – A Blessing Tour, was held recently on Lushan Mountain. A warm welcome ceremony was held at the mountain resort’s Beishan Gate, then, a prayer ceremony was held at Lushan Five Religions Blessing Cultural Park, and leaders from several areas with religious significance gave welcome […]

Rupert Murdoch: Investigation of Power

  By David McKnight Allen & Unwin Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is the most powerful media organisation in the world. Murdoch’s commercial success is obvious, but less well understood is his successful pursuit of political goals, using News Corp as his vehicle. David McKnight uncovers Murdoch’s crusade for his unique brand of conservatism over three […]

Finance and the Good Society

By Robert J Shiller Princeton University Press $Aus 37.95 $NZ 46.91 The reputation of the financial industry could hardly be worse than it is today in the painful aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. New York Times best-selling economist Robert Shiller is no apologist for the sins of finance–he is probably the only person to […]

Who are you (really) communicating with?

  By Doug Green The cover of May issue says quite a lot in a few words. It highlights some of the key contact sites – like Facebook – for communicating around the world both socially and for business. And these days we seem to treat every connection we make through these sites as ‘a […]