The power under the ocean

Japan is known to be a country with few natural energy resources. Her current energy self-sufficiency rate is only 4%, although it is normally closer to 20% if nuclear power stations, currently almost all off-line, are included. Japan depends on oil for more than 50% of the energy supply, importing about 90% of it from […]

NGOs and big business: Too close for comfort?

  Campaigners can wield great power by working with rather than against the companies they want to influence. But they must always stay in control, says Brendan May. WWF explores the fine line NGOs must tread when engaging with big companies. WWF is not alone in finding itself attacked by those who believe the conservation […]

Living wages: Still shackled in global supply chains

  ┬áThere are still too many regulatory loopholes that allow labour abuses in big brand supply chains, argues Jon Entine Are global corporations cleaning up their supply chains? Trying to answer that question is like wrestling an octopus into a shoebox: no matter how hard you try, something dangles out somewhere. The debate over the […]

How do you build an international university from Scratch?

(Part 2) Cases in India By Francisco Marmolejo Recently, I wrote a column discussing the challenges and opportunities associated with the creation of new higher-education institutions, in which I made reference to the specific case of Albukhary International University in Malaysia. This second article describes interesting experiences of a similar kind in India. School children […]