In the scheme of things

Over the last few months some disturbing events have taken place round the world. There is the ongoing debt saga sweeping Europe primarily affecting Italy, Greece, Spain and the United kingdom. There is the sorry state of the US economy and the way in which it is spiralling, seemingly without a pilot, towards a prolonged […]

Just how widespread is phone hacking?

  The issues surrounding phone hacking and the Murdoch Empire wont be cleared up overnight and will undoubtedly feed the appetites of world media organisations for years to come. I wonder though if hacking in media hasn’t happened before? Can you believe that the Murdoch clan is the only organisation to have done this? And […]

India’s unjust land grabbing from poor famers

India’s unjust land grabbing from poor famers

Dr Vandana Shiva The biggest companies buying the land were Korean Steel giant Posco Steel, French nuclear energy company, AREVA, and Indian land developer, Jaypee Infratech Ltd. TEAR Fund executive Steve Tollestrup said fertile land was being taken from poor tribal farmers across several regions of India, including rural areas where TEAR Fund partners were […]

Struggle For Freedom: Aung San Suu Kyi – A Biography

Book Review By Bengtsson, Jesper Aung Sun Suu Kyi was confined to house arrest in 1989 by the junta in Burma and since then she has been cut off from the world outside. Few people have seen or spoken to her during this time, yet despite her isolation and forced reticence, Suu Kyi – leader […]

Philip Morris launches legal battle over Australian cigarette packaging

Tobacco giant Philip Morris has notified the Australian government that it intends to request arbitration over Canberra’s draft law regarding plain packaging requirements for cigarettes. Hong Kong-based Philip Morris Asia Limited (PMA), owner of Australian affiliate Philip Morris Limited, claims that the law would violate Australia’s obligations under a bilateral investment treaty (BIT) with Hong […]

Residual income for YOU?

In the changing business world in which we live Network Marketing has come to the fore as a respected and ethical way of doing business and has been gathering momentum over the past few years. If you would like to take a look at joining our team, working with a company that is dept free, […]

Is Organic Farming ‘Mainstream Agriculture In Waiting’?

        PIC CAP Growth market: the Soil Association of the UK has welcomed an independent report that claims that organic farming has huge potential. It reveals that not only does it have many benefits over conventional farming practices, but that with adjustments organic farming could yield as much produce. By Angela Singleton An independent […]

Slow Food

The Slow Food movement was founded by Carlo Petrini in Italy to combat fast food. It claims to preserve the cultural cuisine and the associated food plants and seeds, domestic animals, and farming within an ecoregion. It was the first established part of the broader Slow movement. The movement has since expanded globally to over […]

Are you being left behind?

With an ever challenging Corporate Environment business leaders would agree there is a need to take a renewed view of how to best maximise the output from the employees they have. Organisations are challenged to attract, retain, engage and enhance productivity from scarce resources. In addition to this already significant and consuming challenge, many corporations […]

Osama bin Laden is dead

 His body has been recovered by US authorities, US President Barack Obama has confirmed after a fire fight with US forces. Obama made the dramatic announcement in a hastily called, late-night appearance  at the White House. Obama said  the US had enough evidence last week to launch an operation against a compound where bin Laden […]

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life

Bestselling author Barbara Kingsolver returns with her first nonfiction narrative that will open your eyes in a hundred new ways to an old truth: You are what you eat. “As the U.S. population made an unprecedented mad dash for the Sun Belt, one carload of us paddled against the tide, heading for the Promised Land […]

ASEAN’s Pivotal Role in Myanmar

When ASEAN took in Myanmar as a partner, Myanmar’s fate becomes ASEAN’s fate. This review outlines ASEAN’s decisive role, Buddhism in Myanmar, a previous rebellion led by monks and why Than Shwe and his junta must not be overthrown. Buddhist monks holding hostages and then protesting en masse on the streets of Yangon swelling to […]

The 17 Sectors Of Sustainable Society for our future . . .

  To survive in a world without cheap fossil fuels and with increasingly challenging weather patterns, we will need to have sustainable local sources of 17 things. If you’d like to work towards sustainability in your community, you might want to start by creating Sustainability Circles – small groups of people who care about the […]

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