Boris Johnson is a weird choice

Making Boris Johnson – who led the Brexit campaign and has the same hairdresser as Donald Trump – Foreign Minister is sure to go down as one of the more memorial appointments in British political history. And this is before he even does a day’s work or finds his coffee cup!

I can see European ministers running a mile when Boris comes to visit suddenly finding their appointment books full.

The appointment is of the calibre of making Rowan Atkinson captain of the England first eleven.

As the UK representative for decisionmaking with European and world leaders for world stability and peace this appointment is sure to make a lot of people very nervous. Can you imagine a meeting between Johnson and John Kerry? Or Johnson and Julie Bishop?

And Boris has the task of making Brexit work. He is not liked in Brussels and may well be laughed out of Europe.He offended Obama and the list of overseas leaders he has offended is becoming more and more impressive!

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