Brexit – A very bad flu that UK caught

Richard Branson said this morning that the Brexit vote has reduced the value of Virgin by thirty percent. There are lots of Richard Branson’s in Britain at the moment and it will take them years to recover – if at all.

The ‘deflockers’ of Brexit said get out because Globalisation created the haves and the have-nots to a greater extent than any time in history. Although if you go back a couple of hundred years there were always the haves and have nots.

The UK got out of Brexit because of the slack entry requirements for refugees into the United Kingdom.

There are a thousand other reasons why the UK left and only a few less than that as to why staying was an option.
Fifty-two percent of the British population caught the Brexit flu and pretty soon there won’t be enough Panadol to go around.

A company losing money in such a dramatic and monumental move is hardly surprising. However, that surprise is a real shock when you look at the rapidly reducing pool of money available from the banks and the future of business in the UK. Australia is going to look so attractive, especially with their way of dealing with refugees and their determination for national security.

There is of course the state of the middle east and how it got to be the way it is. Bush and Blair and Howard invading caused a hell of a mess, the pain is now throbbing through every vein of every refugee. And every resident of Europe.

The inaction to wipe out the Isis crisis is unforgiveable. Because if forces had been instructed to ‘clean them out’ we wouldn’t have Europe in such turmoil. The refugees would be at home in their own country.

Compounding factors – globalisation and the middle east – are crucial to the state Europe is in and why the UK voted for Brexit.

It is shameful that the leading players have not been charged with war crimes and that we live in a world where much of it is not safe enough to invest in, nor to travel to.


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