Environmentalism Lost and Found

Environmentalism Lost and Found

Mainstream environmentalism is preoccupied with giant technofixes – from windfarms to ‘sustainable consumption’ – and pays almost no attention to the underlying cultural reasons why our civilisation is destroying the planet. Somewhere along the way of observing and experiencing the degradation of the planet, environmentalism morphed from being a project designed to protect the wider […]

China’s dark power

China’s dark power

The China Railway High-speed (CRH) train travels at over 300km an hour between Beijing and Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi province. This northern province, with roads congested by overloaded lorries en route for cities, was ChinaÕs principal coal-producing region for a long time, until it was overtaken by Inner Mongolia. Everything is stained with coal: the […]

Just how widespread is phone hacking?

  The issues surrounding phone hacking and the Murdoch Empire wont be cleared up overnight and will undoubtedly feed the appetites of world media organisations for years to come. I wonder though if hacking in media hasn’t happened before? Can you believe that the Murdoch clan is the only organisation to have done this? And […]

Philip Morris launches legal battle over Australian cigarette packaging

Tobacco giant Philip Morris has notified the Australian government that it intends to request arbitration over Canberra’s draft law regarding plain packaging requirements for cigarettes. Hong Kong-based Philip Morris Asia Limited (PMA), owner of Australian affiliate Philip Morris Limited, claims that the law would violate Australia’s obligations under a bilateral investment treaty (BIT) with Hong […]

Residual income for YOU?

In the changing business world in which we live Network Marketing has come to the fore as a respected and ethical way of doing business and has been gathering momentum over the past few years. If you would like to take a look at joining our team, working with a company that is dept free, […]

Business in a World of Good

Market research conducted in 2010 reveals a multi-billion dollar consumer demand that is being starved of supply. Guided by the eco-savvy consumers of today, its more than just a fad or a trend to fade away in three years; sustainability is at the core of this consumer choice, and that means the demand is also […]

Asia Microfinance Forum 2010

The Asia Microfinance Forum 2010 gathered more than 450 experts from over 50 countries in October in Colombo, Sri Lanka. ÊConvened by the Banking With the Poor Network (BWTP) and organised byÊthe Foundation for Development Cooperation (FDC), the three day forum brought together industry experts to brainstorm on the role of microfinance in achievingÊfinancial inclusion […]

Entrepreneur’s Story: Wellnessecity

Amena Lee Schlaikjer has been involved in new enterprises in China for some time, previously describing herself as an “entrepreneurialist” as she’s always launched businesses for others. But she’s just launched her own initiative, Wellnessecity, a Shanghai-based operation aiming to create ways to live healthier in cities. She spoke to ‘eg’ about conceiving and developing […]

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