Environmentalism Lost and Found

Mainstream environmentalism is preoccupied with giant technofixes – from windfarms to ‘sustainable consumption’ – and pays almost no attention to the underlying cultural reasons why our civilisation is destroying the planet. Somewhere along the way of observing and experiencing the degradation of the planet, environmentalism morphed from being a project designed to protect the wider […]

Occupying planet earth

As you can gather from our cover feature which appears on Page 3, we are focussing this issue on the differences which are making living intolerable for people around the world. The Occupy Wall Street movement which is now in other countries highlights a whole raft of issues which really do show the imbalances on […]

Protests can paint the picture

Every single thing we do on this planet can bring about protest. For every decision we make, there can be another person who disagrees with it. Fair enough, itÕs called freedom of speech, freedom of thought or democracy. There are times when protest occurs because of discrimination and the evil that men do. And there […]

Teenage unemployment rate a disgrace

  Two months ago it was twenty six percent of teenagers 15-19 who were looking for work, now that figure has risen to twenty eight percent in the same age group. It’s not easy to find a job if you are a teenager and, if you do, to know how long the job might last. […]

In the scheme of things

Over the last few months some disturbing events have taken place round the world. There is the ongoing debt saga sweeping Europe primarily affecting Italy, Greece, Spain and the United kingdom. There is the sorry state of the US economy and the way in which it is spiralling, seemingly without a pilot, towards a prolonged […]

Are you being left behind?

With an ever challenging Corporate Environment business leaders would agree there is a need to take a renewed view of how to best maximise the output from the employees they have. Organisations are challenged to attract, retain, engage and enhance productivity from scarce resources. In addition to this already significant and consuming challenge, many corporations […]

Vegetable Tour Guide

By Elizabeth Alington It’s full-on for Andrew Seager most of the year. From dawn to dusk last Spring, he was busy preparing raised beds, spreading compost, goading the tractor into doing the hard-yard and sowing beans, carrots, radish, basil, and zucchini.  Somewhere along the way he managed to transplant Autumn’s fare of kohlrabi, broccoli and […]


Pieter Ploeg (23) is organizing an international initiative conference in South Africa as a part of his YIP year. He is a participant at YIP 2009-2010. My name is Pieter Ploeg, 23 years old. I am taking part in the International Youth Initiative Program 2009/2010. For me this year is a joint search with pioneers […]

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