In the scheme of things

Over the last few months some disturbing events have taken place round the world. There is the ongoing debt saga sweeping Europe primarily affecting Italy, Greece, Spain and the United kingdom.

There is the sorry state of the US economy and the way in which it is spiralling, seemingly without a pilot, towards a prolonged depression and long-required period of recovery.

Then we have Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and Syria examples of monopolistic nations where rogue leaders have been dealt to by totally angry and frustrated populaces.

The above mentioned is enough for this editorial to deal with, quite frankly. Because through these examples events is one underlying theme; the people are dissatisfied, the people are being ‘ripped off’.

Two articles in this issue give you more of a picture of unhappiness. One is Globalisation versus Localisation and the other A small town in the middle of nowhere. In both there is a theme; money is power and only a few people are benefiting from it.

And when you bring into the mix economic problems in Europe and the riots in London you get more of a picture of people being left behind.

There are too many people with time on their hands, too many people with no money who have been displaced. There are too many people with too little money, working for global conglomerates with little recall for better conditions.

Those who riot in Greece and Spain are organised thugs or people wanting better conditions. In London the death (murder) of a man which caused civil unrest and massive looting also included many, many people who were thugs layabouts and itinerants…as well as the British Olympic ambassador who was seen on TV by her mother.

There is too much unhappiness and too much of it is caused by greed.


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