Saturday in the park

The women’s march in Washington and in other American cities and towns was focussed on messages for a better way of being for all people.

Around the world they marched as well and, by golly, The Donald, sitting in The Whitehouse must have wondered what the next four years will be like. Totally lacking in credibility with all the charisma of a snake salesman, The Donald has somehow become the most powerful, single individual on the planet. Although I am wondering how many people will actually believe that to be true. The position is the power and The Donald can’t be left alone with any switches!

They say that the only thing to change in the U.S. since 1968 until now has been the years of Obama’s presidency.

Everything else has been business as usual for the decisionmakers who hold the balance of power, control the money and have only been threatened by civil rights actions and marches against the Vietnam war. That’s getting to be a long time ago if you are really serious about change and fairness for all ¬†people

With interest, we can follow if the weekend marches will bring about a new energy to the people, the Democratic party and the betterment of society. Can action now take place that brings about real change? Or was it just another stroll in the park? We can also be part of the change.

-Doug Green, Publisher

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