And the winner is…Jerry Hall

In a week where film and television awards were to take centre stage there was an upstaging announcement regarding Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall. They got engaged! Somehow Rup always gets to be the centre of attention. Whether its the family battle about who is going to run the country when he retires, the hearings in London about hacking, the re appointment to a pivotal role of Rebecca Brooks or his influence this year on the Australian elections. He is always making a noise. If Jerry is marrying Rup for love and not money – that’s wonderful. If Jerry has drawn up the ‘legals’ then I hope they don’t separate. He would have been much wiser to have donated a financial package to the Syrian refugees who would probably then have enough money to rebuild their own country…and appointment a new leader. What is fascinating about all this is that Rupert Murdoch is a busy man. He’s running a great media empire with lots of different claws ( newspapers, films, television etc) and still has time at his age to get engaged and probably married for the fourth time. The whole thing is more hysterical than Coronation Street or the US presidential race. His kids must be pulling their hair out in their attempt to get him to sit at his desk of a day instead of wondering around finding a new marriage partner. And another thing, if he outlives Jerry, is he a beneficiary to her will…or doesn’t he need the money? and on FaceBook @ The Elephant in the Conversation.