Another American dream

Doc, in Back to the Future, laughed when he heard that Ronald Reagan (‘an actor’) was President of the United States. How would he react now if he heard that Donald Trump (a game show host), had indeed reached that pinnacle? Donald Trump winning the presidency is a very big and disturbing subject indeed, as it would have been had Hillary Clinton won. There are so many issues involved which talk about the unhappiness of the American people and their hand in life that I am sure the world will still be trying to figure out what is really going on even when he is out of office. Trump appealed to: the unemployed, those who had lost their jobs to government policies and to globalisation; he resonated with those opposed to Hilary’s east coast supporters, the people who live in the heartland; he appealed to blue collar workers; to all the people who didn’t care for the Obama/ Democratic style of presidency and the result of eight years of frustration, including with Obamacare. And it doesn’t end there because the issues he will deal with will be felt around the world for a long, long time. Immigration, bringing manufacturing back home from China and if he is sincere, making the lot of the average American family better. He has to deal with leaders of nations in a nice way. he will be part of making decisions concerning American security, business and attend G12 and such like conferences. He has a Republican Senate and House and will answer to them on major policy. Politically he will tow the line, which is what presidents do. So much of the presidential campaign over the past 18 months was, of course, driven by the media (after all, who else is going to tell you […]