Books: Extreme Economics

  “Babbage’s book is aimed at teachers and educators, but any parent or student would benefit from reading it. . . . The spend-for-today mentality has to stop. Schools and society have to address the problem, and Dr. Babbage has concrete ideas, exercises and plans that will help. “—Don McNay, founder of the McNay Settlement […]

Teenage unemployment rate a disgrace

  Two months ago it was twenty six percent of teenagers 15-19 who were looking for work, now that figure has risen to twenty eight percent in the same age group. It’s not easy to find a job if you are a teenager and, if you do, to know how long the job might last. […]

In the scheme of things

Over the last few months some disturbing events have taken place round the world. There is the ongoing debt saga sweeping Europe primarily affecting Italy, Greece, Spain and the United kingdom. There is the sorry state of the US economy and the way in which it is spiralling, seemingly without a pilot, towards a prolonged […]