Book Review: Two Futures – Australia at a Critical Moment

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What will Australia be like in 2047? Good question, who can possibly know?

However Claire O’Neil federal Labor member for the seat of Hotham and Tim Watts federal member for the Labor seat of Gellibrand are doing some projecting  in their book Two Futures – Australian at a Critical Moment.

How will society be? Who is treated unfairly, who is equal? How will we make money; to be precise what will drive economic growth? The book is full of questions and challenges that we all need to face and it is good that politicians have combined their passion and vision to work together on setting us all a challenge.

We, the reader, can think about these issues too. It’s a bit like sitting round a table with Claire and Tim and providing input into the visions and pictures for tomorrow.

In this agenda-setting book, these two young parliamentarians take the long view. They identify the dramatic changes looming on the horizon and outline creative ideas for tackling them. Fact-driven and progressive, optimistic and impassioned, Two Futures begins the debate about the decades ahead that we need to have.

‘A refreshing look at the big issues in the decades ahead.’ from the Foreword by Laura Tingle, Political Editor, Australian Financial Review

‘An insightful contribution to the policy debate about the future of our country.’Catherine Livingstone, President, Business Council of Australia

‘A must-read publication from two talented federal members concerned about a better and fairer future for Australia.’ Steve Bracks, former Premier of Victoria

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