Cyclone Donald around for a year

It’s a good year out from the US 2016 election and good old Fox Network are at it already with their panel discussions on the potential Republican presidential candidates.

Talkfest after talkfest is surrounding us with Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump not exactly getting along in the latest instalment.

You have to give it to Trump – he sure knows how to win friends and influence people without outlining exactly what he do will if elected president for the unemployed, Middle East, and illegal immigrants.
Somehow a firm grip needs to be kept on this presidential candidate so the issues are out there and not the personalities. If Trump doesn’t shoot himself in the foot and stays in the race he may well become a huge distraction to the real issues affecting the American people.

There will be so much concentration on his hair and abrasive personality that the centre of the Republican Party will have a darn hard job keeping the focus on exactly what they are doing in an election year.

Fox will ride this personality for all it is worth. Even if he blights his copy book, think of the continual high media profile which will be seen across the network?

What he doesn’t do will not matter; what he stuffs up will bring a lot of attention.

Rupert Murdoch and Peter Ailes may not see eye to eye on Trump and the way he appears on Fox. Or maybe they do? Maybe it doesn’t matter because it draws viewers, commentators and so called experts from other media to watch Trump, Hannity and the team dribble in their coffee how no news…is just about as good as news can be!

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