Maybe next time

If we lived in a parallel universe
, then Clint Eastwood would probably be having a deep and meaningful conversation with an empty chair.

But we don’t and we all know the true spirit of inspiration, conversation and debate comes from face to face communications.

 This editorial suggests that we have a problem with inspiring people in the world today. Of identifying them, recognising them, honouring them and putting their work out for the world to see.

If the Republicans believed that this kind of cheap politicising would work and indeed have an effect on the election result then they have rocks in their head. ItÕs just so hard to understand why a time honoured, respectable and effective political party through history stoops to this level to attempt to influence an election.

And there is something dated about their approach. The messages for change, the voice of reason, the direction for the future doesn’t sit on an empty chair. Hopefully, it sits in the White House.

It is also true that true leadership exists throughout our pillars of society. The people making a real difference are in communities helping the sick or flying the flag for environmental change.

They are found in education, organic and bio dynamic growing and bringing spiritual inspiration in the world.

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