Not suitable

If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny.

I blame the American political system for not allowing Obama to have a third term in office!He’s not perfect but compared to the current choices he’s pretty good.

So much energy is being wasted on Donald Trump by so called experts in US media and political parties and splinter groups – I wish they’d all go home and do something creative like grow a veggie garden or take the dog for a walk.

They want to be authorative in the eyes of viewers and readers on television and in newspapers and magazines and of course on social media. Even if they dont have anything worthwhile or game changing to say – like “this is how we can make our country better and this is how we will do it”  – they want to be noticed.

Trump is like a hurricane or Aleppo but the problem is that he overshadows tragedy as an uninspiring figure lacking in charisma and values fit enough to lead the free world.

If ROP registered voters believe he is the future,then what does it say about their country and their vision for the future?

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