Occupying planet earth

As you can gather from our cover feature which appears on Page 3, we are focussing this issue on the differences which are making living intolerable for people around the world. The Occupy Wall Street movement which is now in other countries highlights a whole raft of issues which really do show the imbalances on this planet of 7 billion people.

Overnight the Greek government is calling for a vote to have their financial rescue package put into action so the situation has changed already.

Food availability is becoming a real problem, especially with the economic growth of emerging nations like China and India. This has brought resource price hikes including crude oil as well as a rapid increase of livestock product consumption due to an income increase among the people in emerging nations.

Funny about that. There has recently been comment on whether oil will fall in price now in Libya now that Gadaffi is no longer around. Again as long as consumption is high (in demand) prices for oil will stay that way too.

Overall, in the scheme of things, we’re in a mess. Social unrest around the globe threatens stability because people are not getting a fair go. How on earth is the planet going to look after 7 billion people today when she is struggling? When we get to 50 billion who will be growing the crops, what will the quality of the soil be like? Will there be enough transport to move the goods around the world?

You concerned about these comments? I hope so because itÕs about time we all did something about the pressures of life we currently have and the future we are facing.

The world is not caring enough for its people. Send in your ideas on how to make a difference.

 -Doug Green, Managing Editor, The Mirror

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