Out of the Box follows the misadventures of Reg Spiers

Despite the introduction by Lynn Davis one of the UK’s greatest athletes I was sure it was all a joke, No way could all those incredible adventures of Reg Spiers be true.
Boy, was I wrong.
This is an exceptional book, brilliantly written, wonderfully entertaining and one that will live in the memory for a long, long time. Julie and Marcus McSorley have managed to capture and distill the essence of the Aussie spirit that flows through the veins of Reg Spiers.
Here we meet a man with a heart as big as the Australian outback with a rebellious streak that the outlaw Ned Kelly would admire. In fact, I would go as far to say that at some point in the afterlife would they share several tinnies of Castlemaine XXXX with arms around each other’s shoulders – and catch up on old times.
At 22 years of age, he had himself shipped back to Perth, Australia from London in a box for his daughter’s birthday. A journey that cost him nothing and took 63 hours
Do yourself a mighty favour and lose yourself in this tale. Cheer for the villain, support the underdog and imagine you are walking side by side with Reg Spiers as part of his inner circle. It will do your spirit good.

Out of the Box follows the misadventures of Reg Spiers, an unforgettable character who never gives up, and never learns either. The craziest part is, Reg isn’t a character. He’s a real live person!
Reg doesn’t always make the right decisions. He often puts his friends and loved ones in danger; but his charisma, charm, and indomitable spirit make it impossible not to root for him.

This book spans decades of the man’s life, taking place in Australia, England, India, Sri Lanka, and other countries. I was impressed how the Julie McSorley and her son Marcus so skillfully recreated Reg Spier’s escapades.

Out of the Box will take you on a wild ride. You’ll experience the global drug trade firsthand whilst encountering exotic locations, bizarre situations, and unsavory characters from the underworld. But no matter how bleak the circumstances, Reg’s hope and positive attitude never allow you to give up on him. This book is an adventure you won’t soon forget.

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