The 17 Sectors Of Sustainable Society for our future . . .

  To survive in a world without cheap fossil fuels and with increasingly challenging weather patterns, we will need to have sustainable local sources of 17 things.

If you’d like to work towards sustainability in your community, you might want to start by creating Sustainability Circles – small groups of people who care about the topic in question or have special knowledge or resources.

Circle members meet regularly at a member’s home, community room or a coffee shop to discuss the local challenges associated with one of the sectors below.Then they explore possible solutions and propose practical local actions that would be appropriate for your unique community.

For instance, you might create a “Relocalising Energy” circle, or a “Relocalising Business and Jobs” circle or a “Relocalising Education” circle.

Then you could plan a “convocation of Circles” where results are shared with the community at large and elected officials, non-profit organisations, citizen groups and other community entities are encouraged to take the actions recommended by circle participants.

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