The Donald’s biggest fan

You have to hand it to Fox, they sure know how to represent the Republicans in this election.

They always find negative comment against the Democrats and pitch their flag behind the GOP.

None more so than Sean Hannity who is the leader of The Donald’s fan club and an ideal candidate to be Secretary for Communications if Trump wins. He doesn’t let facts get in the way of a good story.

Hannity positively gushes when talking to Trump and gives Trump the questions that he likes to answer. He also has a knack of not upsetting Republican viewers by endlessly finding ways that appeal to their viewpoint. Like, Obama’s done a bad job as president or Republicans at Trump rallies don’t cause disruption.

It amazes me how Fox continues to get away with this highly emotive right wing propaganda but that is what Fox is all about and with such a large Republican-viewer following Fox is on a winner – lecturing the bamboozled, bothered and bewildered. And white, christian and narrow-minded.

Hannity is appealing to a particular mind-set of viewers. Those who believe America is going downhill and that Trump is the only one who can fix it. Well think again America…and then think again. If you can’t make a clear decision on the best candidate for President, don’t rely on Sean to do your thinking for you. Sean has enough issues of his own to work through. Like how is my hair looking and will The Donald like my tie?


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